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Part P
What Is Part P ? 
NOTE: Part P does NOT make you an Electrician.
NOTE: Part P does not allow you to issue a test certificate. 
NOTE: Part P does not allow you to extend circuits in a Kitchen, Bathroom or Garden.
Part P of the Building Regulations  came into effect 1st January 2005. It has been brought in to protect you the homeowner from electrical fires, serious injury or even death caused by DIY electrics or cowboy electricians.
Failure to comply with Part P is a criminal offence and can lead to a fine of £5000, with the added order by local authority to remove or put right amature electrics.
How can i comply with Part P ?
You do NOT have to notify the Building Control Officer if you use Wyre Electrical to carry out your electrical installation as we are an approved business covered by an accredited self certifying scheme called NICEIC .
From us you will recieve a Minor Works Certificate if an alteration to a circuit, or a replacement part of a circuit is required.
You will recieve an Electrical Installation Certificate if the work required entails
  1. A new circuit
  2. A re-wire of an existing installation.
  3. A complete installation of a new build.
  4. A major alteration i.e replacing a fuse board.
If you employ an electrician who is not part of an accredited scheme then you will need to first notify the Building Control Officer before work is started. He will then come and inspect the work once it has been completed. The Building Control Officer may then ask for a certificate to be supplied as part of BS7671 which will require you to employ an accredited electrician, like us, to carry out a Periodic Inspection .
The Periodic Inspection Report  will NOT certify the work that has been done by you or the non accredited electrician. It is merely a formal inspection of the wiring and does NOT include an inspection of the wiring within the fabric of the building i.e under floors or with walls.  
What is Part P ?
Here is a link to the Electrical Safety Council  which explains what Part P is and what you the consumer need to know before commencing any work.
What work can Part P people undertake ? 
Here is a Part P factsheet from NICEIC listing jobs that Part P competent people can undertake and when you need a qualified Electrician.
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