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08/12/20 -11/12/20 January-10-2021

JOB NICEIC Burntwood electricians  carried out  repairs to 2 factory units following failed Electrical Installation Condition Reports . New 3 phase boards and metering with single phase board installed also. Bonding upgraded and dangerous cables and accessories stripped out

PREMISESIndustrial Electricians

LOCATION Burntwood 


Electrical Installation Condition Report1

from only £100

(Forerly known as Periodic Inspection Report)



 Electrical Installation Condition Repot For House Purchase

Electrical Installation Condition Report For House sale

Electrical Installation Condition Report For Landlords

Electrical Installation Condition Report for Factory Premises

Electrical Installation Condition Report for Factory Purchse

Electrical Installation Condition Report for Insurance Purposes

Electrical Installation Condition Report for Commercial Premises

Electrical Installation Condition Report for Sale of Property

Electrical Installation Condition Report for Purchase of Property 


Need to find an electrician ?

Walsall Electrician NICEIC Electricians carrying out Electrical Installation Condition Reports covering all properties Domestic Electrician, Industrial Electrician, Commercial Electrician. Test and Inspect Electricians Birmingham, Test and Inspect Electrician Walsall, Test and Inspect Electrician Wolverhampton, Test and Inspect Electrician Lichfield and all surrounding areas.

Why test electrics ?

Each year around 12,500 house fires, 750 serious injuries and 10 deaths are caused by unsafe electrics in the home. For as little as 100 you can help guard against this. An Electrical Installation Condition Report report is required to be carried out by a qualified Electrician on all premises to ensure their electrical safety. It is designed for reporting on the condition of an existing electrical installation and should only be carried out by qualified Electricians.You may wish to consider carrying out an inspection if you have moved into a new home or recently purchased a new property.


How do i know if i need my electrics tested ?

First of all, check your consumer unit. There might be a sticker on the unit advising when the next scheduled inspection should be.

If there is no sticker, do you know the colour of your homes electrical wiring cables ? If they are red and black it is advised that you may need to get your homes electrics tested by a qualified electrician.

Do you have the flat rewirable fuses rather thtn the switched circuit breakers ? If they are flat rewirable fuses then it is advised that you get your homes electrics tested by a qualified electrician.

An Electrical Installation Condition Report is also required when a building has a change of use, for example, from a house to a shop.

Bottom line is that if you are unsure then you need to get it tested.

Wyre Electrical can carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report on your home for as little as £100. Get inc ontact for more details !

Regulations state the timescales on which they need to be carried out are

Domestic : Every 10 Years

Domestic Tenant : Every 5 Years

Hospital : Every 5 Years

Public House : Every 5 Years

Shops : Every 5 Years

Offices : Every 5 Years

Commercial : Every 5 Years

Caravans : Every 3 Years

 Swimming Pools : Every 1 Year


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January 20, 2021