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 Security lighting from £140 !!
Thats right, a single security light can be installed from as little as £100 including light. 
According to  NaCTSO  (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) security lighting can severly limit an intruders success  rate by
  • Deterring the intruder by creating a feeling of uncertainty.
  • Providing light to help detect or identify intruders.
  • Displacing intruders to areas which are less well illuminated.
  • Giving the impression that good security is practiced.  
Security lighting can be your first line of defence against burglars or intruders. We can install as many lights as you need or want, just get in contact  to get a free quote !
We can also replace existing security lights which would be charged at £40. 
Another option is to have a light installed that comes with a chime that sounds inside the home when the light is activated.
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