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BURGLAR ALARM for just £450 !!

There are a wide range of options you can have when choosing your burglar alarm system.

  • Wireless (Wireless will need batteries replacing every now and again)†
  • Solar powered wireless.
  • Mains Wired.
  • Auto dialler alarms which will contact your phone if the alarm goes off.

Once you have decided on the type of alarm, think about how you want to protect your home. †For example, how many PIR's (motion senors that trigger the alarm) would you want ? One in each room or just a couple covering the doors and windows or even just 1.†
The choice is yours, tell us what you want and we will fit it †for you.
Insurance companies look favourably on a home or building with an alarm system fitted, offering discounts between 2% and 15%.†
Cant afford a full system at the moment ? we would be more than happy to come and install an outdoor dummy box which gives the impression that your home is protected for as little as £65!!!†

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