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14/10/21 - 15/10/21 November-17-2021

JOB NICEIC Wolverhampton electricians  carried out replacement of 3 phase board in foundry unit and carried out testing. New meter installed. New emergency light installed

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LOCATION Wolverhampton  


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 Wolverhampton Electrician covering all aspects of Domestic, Industrial and Commercial electrics. There is no job too small so get in contact with us for a free estimate or quote. We are NICEIC Approved Domestic Installers and have our own personal liability cover.

You can now get your homes electrics Inspected and Tested for £100
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Latest News

September 9, 2020

JOB NICEIC Walsall electricians  carried out first fix installation of electrics for new lighting in commercial shop unit. Repairs carried out to existing lighting

PREMISESCommercial electricians

LOCATION Walsall Wood 

September 9, 2020

JOB NICEIC Dudley electricians  carried out initial strip out of old wiring and lighting in office areas ready for conversion to showroom leading into new build extension.

PREMISES Commercial Electricians Dudley


September 9, 2020

JOB NICEIC Walsall electricians  carried out repairs on emergency lighting system in commercial offices. Installation of clean supply for fire alarm system

PREMISES Commercial electricians Walsall

LOCATION Aldridge Walsall 


September 9, 2020
31/08/20 - 04/08/20

JOB NICEIC Walsall electricians  carried out installation of first fix electrics in new show room area of factory.

PREMISES Commercial electrcians Walsall


September 9, 2020
24/08/20 - 28/08/20

JOB NICEIC Electricians Sutton Coldfield  carried out installation of additional sockets in house renovation. Installation of supply to automatic windows. Installation of first fix stereo system  for ceiling speakers to hub point. Repairs to lighting cables  following leaks

PREMISES Domestic electricians

LOCATION Sutton Coldfield 

September 9, 2020
19/08/20 - 21/08/20

JOB NICEIC Walsall electricians  carried out installation of first fix electrics in barn to gym conversion at rural manor house

PREMISES Domestic electricians 

LOCATION Stafford 

September 1, 2020

JOB NICEIC Burntwood electricians  carried out installation of temporary supply to 3 phase roller shutter door

PREMISES Industrial Electricians

LOCATION Burntwood 

September 1, 2020

JOB NICEIC Sutton Coldfield Electricians  carried out installation of additional sockets in house renovation as well as cabling for speakers

PREMISES Domestic Electricians

LOCATION Sutton Coldfield 

September 1, 2020
10/08/20 - 14/08/20

JOB NICEIC Wolverhampton electricians  carried out installation of 2 new door bells for factory door areas. 3 replacement emergency lights installed in escape tunnels. New LED panels installed in canteen area. New socket circuit installed in office area fire fixed and surface mounted

PREMISES Industrial Commercial Electricians

LOCATION Wolverhampton 


September 1, 2020
03/08/20 - 07/08/20

JOB NICEIC Walsall electricians  carried out installation of single phase and 3 phase supplies in factory area. Fault finding carried out on extraction unit. Fault finding carried out on glass  tempering plant

PREMISES Industrial Electricians

LOCATION Aldridge Walsall 

September 1, 2020
27/07/20 - 31/07/20

JOB NICEIC Sutton Coldfield  electricians carried out installation of CCTV cabling and burglar alarm cabling ready for second fix. Also cut in spot light holes in ceiling ready for plastering following boarding in complete house renovation


LOCATION Sutton Coldfield